Astronomer's Biographical Scrapbook

Objective: To understand the accomplishments, theories, ideas, writings, and defeats of an astronomer.

Procedure: You will be assigned an astronomer. You should produce a scrapbook that includes the following information:

Required Components:

1. A personal timeline for the scientist - Represent the high points of your scientist's personal and professional life and include at least 5 historical dates as well.
2. A birth certificate - Create a certificate and appropriate information.
3. Pictures the scientist might have drawn or cut out and saved (with labels/captions).
4. A newspaper article reporting and explaining important events in which this person was involved.
5. An obituary (see the newspaper for examples) including an Epitaph (what's written on their tombstone).

Optional Components:

6. A letter written by the person as a youth to a friend revealing information about the person's youth and their interests.
7. A letter of recommendation for this person to a college from a high school teacher.
8. A speech or essay written by this person on the topic: "Advice to Young People Who Want To Succeed in Science."
9. A letter of introduction from the scientist to our class.
10. A newspaper article that might have been published during the lifetime of the scientist.
11. A color advertisement about this person and their work
12. Anything else you might want to include (ON APPROVAL!).

The final product should be in a folder, scrapbook, or bound in some way.

Projects will be graded on accuracy and creativity.

Project due on October 31, 2005.

My astronomer is: _____________________________________________________

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