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The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model for 21st Century Schools!

We are thrilled to announce the publication of Dr. Hardiman's new book, The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model for 21st Century Schools. Buy it from Corwin Books. 

This updated volume describes scores of educationally-relevant findings from the neuro- and cognitive sciences that have never before been collected in a single, accessible, teacher-friendly format. If you're interested in or use Brain-Targeted Teaching®, please do order the book. Educators at all levels will discover that it's filled with useful information they can readily apply in practice.

A free study guide is now available containing valuable discussion questions and websites that expand on each chapter of the book. Go to the Resources tab and scroll to the Free Downloads section.


The great education thinker John Dewey claimed that art is not the possession of a recognized few but the authentic expression of individuality for all. Among those who care about education, few would deny that the arts now struggle to survive in our nation's schools. The visual and performing arts frequently are marginalized as fringe subjects, taking a back seat in school curricula when funds are tight or teaching time is usurped by subjects that count toward school accountability measures. Learn more...


Recently, Dr. Hardiman wrote an article for ARTSblog regarding her studies related to arts integration and retention of content.


Documentary on Brain-Targeted Teaching Model in the Works!

Documentary filmmaker Ramona Persaud is exploring how teachers can use brain science to engage students of all ages and academic abilities in her new film “Grey Matters" which features the use of the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model in three schools.