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Want More Support? We provide a variety of professional services to support your initiatives to consider and implement the Brain-Targeted Teaching®Model. We look forward to hearing from you about how we might work together to customize these services to meet your needs and requirements for improving teaching and student learning.

Professional Services
  1. Leadership presentations and seminars: Consider these services to introduce the Brain-Targeted Teaching® Model in your school, school district, or teacher preparation program, as well as in industry leadership and business training programs. Participants are introduced to the features and benefits of the model through presentations by Dr. Mariale Hardiman that are supported by multimedia and interaction with the audience. Participants take away strategies for adapting the model with teachers for their classrooms.

  2. School-based workshops: Consider these services to support follow-up strategies learned in leadership presentations or seminars. They include a plan of customized training activities and a coach experienced in using the model who works directly with individual teachers, principals, instructional teams, or teacher educators at your school or college/university site.

  3. eLearning programs and online coaching: Consider these services to break down the barriers of time and location and the need for repeat performances. Currently, we are planning to deliver eLearning programs that help teachers learn and apply the knowledge and skills needed to carry-out the Brain-Targeted Teaching® Model in classrooms. These eLearning programs are intended for anyone to access -- anytime, anywhere -- with a computer connected to the Internet. These eLearning programs may be supported by an online coach experienced in using the model.

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Books and Materials
  1. Connecting Brain Research with Effective Teaching: The Brain-Targeted Teaching® Model

    This book by Dr. Mariale Hardiman offers educators practical applications of recent brain research through the Brain-Targeted Teaching® Model. Click here to order!

  2. Free instructional units -- Click here to review and print from our web site!
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